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Student projects

Individual subject areas are combined in the interdisciplinary implementation of projects. Working in groups, our students are regularly confronted with new situations and problems, some of which have not yet been covered by previous coursework. Solutions must be suggested and various kinds of solution developed, discussed and evaluated.

Participation in student competitions is supported as part of coursework.

Current student projects

Structural engineering and construction management

For this project, students specialising in Architecture design and plan a construction project and gain insights into the planning process across various disciplines. The specialist subjects involved include structural engineering, building technology, structural analysis, building physics and construction management. Students present the construction processes, formulate the framework of the building contract and calculate the project in execution plans and detailed drawings.

  • Duration: 1 semester
  • Semester: 4th semester
  • Project manager / contact: Alexander Bogner

Urban Gardening

Students on the Construction Design and Economics and Sustainable Food Management courses have developed new solutions and concepts for the design and construction of raised beds, using a surprising range of materials including timber, crates, pallets, shuttering boards etc. and have implemented them on the FH premises. Local residents are invited to use and care for the plots and it is hoped the scheme will extend to the Graz district of Eggenberg.

The project was the result of cooperation between the building management firm Gebäude- und Baumanagement GmbH (GBG), Eggenberg district and the community support group, Eggenlend.

  • Duration: 1 semester
  • Semester: 3rd semester
  • Project manager / contact: Alexandra Würz-Stalder

Project management in practice

The application of project management tools is demonstrated and implemented by students in actual case studies. The planning and project process as well as scheduling and resource management all play an important role in both the design and implementation phases.

  • Duration: 1 semester
  • Semester: 5th semester
  • Project manager / contact: Thomas Mathoi