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The internship is a compulsory feature of FH JOANNEUM courses and involves at least 12 weeks of full-time employment in Austria or abroad. Internships abroad are supported by the head of degree programme. The compulsory internship offers our students valuable insights into professional life and helps them develop contacts with experts in their chosen sector. Some of the internships available in the Construction Design and Economics course are in the following sectors and company types:

  • engineering offices
  • the building sector
  • the construction industry
  • public administration
  • property development
  • the real estate sector

While on their internship, students communicate with each other and their supervisors via an e-learning platform. The platform is used to exchange views and experiences and gives students the opportunity to discuss subject-specific questions and problems online. It also ensures relevant mentoring and internships if the internship is not in Austria. At the end of their internship, students give a presentation of their activities and experiences to their fellow-students.

Prominent internship providers include:

Internship: 6th semester Workload: at least 12 weeks of full-time employment

Students talk about their internships