Global Green and Social Business 20
Department of Management

Global Green and Social Business

Study track of the Master degree programme in Global Strategic Management


Achieving social welfare and improving the quality of life for future generations is an important part of the modern and responsible business world. In addition to that, resource scarcity requires organizations to strongly incorporate “green goals” in their company policies. We will provide you with an advanced understanding of business essentials as well as state-of-the-art knowledge about economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

Did you know, …

… that our newly updated curriculum perfectly prepares you for the global business dynamics of the future?

We keep you up to date with the developments of international business. This was, we guarantee you exciting state-of-the-art lectures and projects in: sustainable business activities on a global level, natural resources, environment and CSR, strategic management and international finance, global markets, and economics as well as market research.

Did you know, …

… that you will enjoy an international environment at our institute?

You will not only learn about international business environments. In our master’s degree programme, you will study in an international environment together with students and professors from all parts of the world. A mandatory exchange semester further enhances your learning progress, language skills, and intercultural competencies.

Did you know, …

… that you can spend a semester abroad at one of our numerous partner universities?

Our institute is part of a growing global network of partner universities in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Africa. Experience international markets at first hand and gain valuable insights for your future career.

Did you know, …

… that Global Green and Social Business is offered in a work-friendly study mode?

We believe that practice makes perfect. Therefore, you can obtain valuable knowledge inside and outside of your studies: in lectures, student projects, and a part-time job of your choice.