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Student projects

Speech and language therapy is a very practical occupation. Consequently you’ll begin applying the knowledge you acquire right from the start of your degree programme. From the second semester you will undertake internships in various areas and institutions involved in speech and language therapy. As part of each internship you’ll produce a practical report on a patient which you’ll present to your fellow students in the class where you reflect on your internship. This allows you to exchange ideas and discuss issues with your colleagues and enables quality assurance measures to be implemented.

The Institute of Logopedics also has a teaching practice in which you’ll treat patients once a week from the fourth semester onward. After taking the patient history and making a diagnosis you’ll set up goals for the block of therapy. In the following units you’ll treat the patients and write a diagnostic and final report for the doctor referring the patients. You will perform all the steps involved in diagnosing and treating patients; ideal preparation for your subsequent career.

Current student projects

Ergo physio Sum, na Logo!

Seven students on the Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Logopedics degree programmes set themselves the goal of fostering cross-sectoral cooperation between the three disciplines during their training. They used the example of a fictional patient, Mr Blau, and considered his case from various perspectives. Trying out various approaches and testing different solutions served to highlight the strengths of all three disciplines.
In 2014 the project came first in the MTD Innovation Award.

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