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During your course you’ll undertake six internships, which can take place in settings such as clinics, outpatient departments or self-employed speech therapists. Starting from the second semester, students learn to deal with paediatric, neurology, phoniatrics and audiology patients, thus consolidating their practical education in all areas of speech therapy.

Depending upon the subject area covered during the internships, students are made familiar with the speech therapy process through treating patients independently and/or under supervision. They may treat children with speech or language development difficulties, or patients with speech or swallowing disorders resulting from a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or degenerative diseases. The internships also cover diagnosis, counselling and therapy for patients with voice or hearing disorders, and for logopedic abnormalities which are the consequence of oncological diseases.

The internships are run over a period of four to six weeks, depending on the semester. The primary aim of the internship is to allow students to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills. It includes both independent work as well as work shadowing, preparation, and follow-up, and is designed to offer students the opportunity to develop their own identity as a therapist. This establishes important groundwork for the student's future work as an independent speech therapist.


FH JOANNEUM places great importance on providing its students with practical training. Starting in the second semester, the teaching of subject-related theoretical knowledge is supplemented by hands-on training.

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