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Do I meet the admission requirements?

German is the language of instruction. Knowledge of the German language is thus an essential prerequisite (at least Level B2).

Qualification for university entrance

You can apply for a programme at FH JOANNEUM if you have completed

  • a secondary academic school or a college for higher vocational education,
  • a vocational matriculation exam or
  • an apprenticeship diploma plus upper secondary certificate

If you have completed a five-year college of agriculture and forestry you may have relevant modules credited in the first semester.

If you have any questions please contact the head of the degree programme:

You have no university entrance qualification

If you have no secondary school leaving or vocational matriculation certificate you need

  • a university entrance qualification exam or
  • a relevant professional qualification plus additional exams, which you may take as part of the qualification course for university entrance

You need to provide evidence that you have passed the relevant exams until the start of studies.

Qualification course for university entrance

A university entrance qualification exam always consists of five modules.

A university entrance qualification entitling students to study for a degree within the Medicine and Veterinary Medicine group of studies will be fully recognised for this degree programme.


A qualification course for university entrance is offered for example by the Medical University of Graz and by other universities and educational institutions.

Relevant professional qualifications plus additional examinations

Relevant professional qualifications include

  • a completed apprenticeship (e.g. agriculture and forestry/animals/plants, chemistry/plastics, food and beverage industries/nutrition and environment/energy/resources, tourism/catering/hotel) or
  • completion of a secondary vocational school (e.g. technical or commercial school, school of agriculture and forestry, business school, school of catering and tourism, commercial school).

You must complete the following subjects

  • Essay on a general topic (German),
  • Mathematics 2,
  • Physics and
  • Modern Foreign Language.

You can take these examinations as part of the qualification course for university entrance at FH JOANNEUM. The two-semester course is organised on a part-time basis and is free of charge. If your place is confirmed you may also take specific additional exams at FH JOANNEUM.

You are not an Austrian citizen?

You'll need to meet certain requirements. For more information please go to International Applicants.