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What is Sustainable Food Management?

From planting the tomato plants and harvesting the ripe tomatoes to processing the tomatoes to make ketchup and monitoring transportation of the goods to the supermarket shelves: the Bachelor’s degree programme in Sustainable Food Management covers all of the processes throughout the food value chain from agricultural production to processing, trade and consumption.

The training to become a food manager is as varied as food itself. During the course, you will explore the sustainable aspects of food development, production and marketing. A combination of theory and practical work will allow you to cover the relevant components in the following fields:

  • Direct marketing
  • Production planning
  • Processing
  • Quality assurance
  • Product development
  • Management and sales in family businesses

Since food production is one of the biggest and most internationally successful sectors of the Austrian economy, experts in food management are in high demand on the job market. You will be able to work in all areas where technical and business knowledge of the food cycle is required.

What will I learn?

Extensive specialist expertise across the value chain

The course content covers a wide range of knowledge from the basics of natural science (chemistry, livestock farming, crop cultivation and microbiology) to processing technology and food management and sales. You will learn to evaluate and understand the entire value creation process. Based on your comprehensive expertise in all areas, you will be able to plan processes, implement ideas and improve products and processes.

Quality management and assurance

The training will centre around guaranteeing the highest quality food. You will therefore gain a basis in the natural sciences of primary production and learn about key methods of analysis. You will also develop relevant knowledge in the fields of microbiology, hygiene management and supply chain management. During the course of your studies, you can also obtain certification as a hygiene manager.

Practical expertise

During the Sustainable Food Management course, you will develop your expertise across all areas of the value chain. Three internships and numerous excursions to exciting companies will enable you to combine the theoretical and applied knowledge you have acquired. You can also complete internships in agriculture, processing and trade.