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To graduate from the degree programme in Sustainable Food Management, you must:

  • successfully complete all the classes
  • produce two Bachelor‘s theses which must both receive a pass mark
  • pass the Bachelor’s examination

Your title on graduation will be “Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)”.

Bachelor’s theses

The Sustainable Food Management programme requires two Bachelor’s theses to be written – in the fifth and sixth semesters.

The first thesis requires our students to reflect on their studies and must be written in English. Our students draw on the knowledge they have acquired during their course and internship and learn to better assess and describe their own skills. A seminar is offered to support them in writing their first thesis.

The second thesis enables our students to address an issue they are passionate about and prepared to invest a lot of time in. This should be a piece of academic work, where hypotheses are empirically substantiated or refuted. Cooperation between several students is possible and Bachelor’s theses involving partners from the world of business are encouraged. Once the topic has been decided upon with a supervisor from the relevant subject, the student must develop an initial concept. The thesis is submitted to the supervisor and should be written in German. We also support our students in the second thesis in the form of a seminar and intensive individual supervision.

Bachelor’s examination

The Bachelor’s examination takes place at the end of the sixth semester following successful completion of all classes and internships and successful submission of the two Bachelor’s theses. The examination is open to the public unless the student objects to having an audience present. The examination board consists of the chairperson (usually the head of degree programme), the supervisor of the Bachelor’s thesis and a representative from the degree programme.

The Bachelor’s examination consists of the following four parts:

  • Presentation of the second Bachelor’s thesis in English
  • Defence of the second Bachelor’s thesis
  • Examination on the topic of Sustainability
  • Examination on the topic of Food Management

After graduation

Our graduates can explore a range of avenues after completing their Bachelor’s degree. Many doors are open to them, from successful management of a family agricultural business to working in the food industry or the retail sector and they can also pursue further educational opportunities.

Graduates of this Bachelor's course have the option to enrol on the part-time co-op Master's degree programme in Food: Product and Process Design, or on any other relevant Master's degree at FH JOANNEUM or other universities.