Dipl.-Ing. Marton Szabo-Kass BSc

Technology, vehicles and motorsports are the passions of Marton Szabo-Kass.


Key data

Job description: Intern – Quality Management in Motorsports
Company: Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
I work in: Weissach, Germany
I’ve worked here since: 2016
My contact

Why I love my job

Because of my passion for technology, vehicles and motorsports. I find the innovations in this field really fascinating and there are lots of issues which present real challenges for the future.

Important skills in my job:

  • Specialist expertise
  • Team skills
  • Motivation

My biggest accomplishment so far:

The Formula Student project (an international design competition for students in the theory and practice of racing car engineering) runs parallel to the Master’s course in Automotive Engineering. I was the organisational manager of the joanneum racing graz team during the 2014 and 2015 seasons. With our team of approx. 30 students and our own home-built FS racing car, we picked up 10 trophies at five European competitions including several first places, making it the most successful year in our team history. I am very proud to have led the jr15 team and it took an unbelievable number of individual and team performances to defend our 9th place in the world rankings of over 500.

How I found my current job:

I secured an internship after submitting an official application.

What I learned for this job during my studies:

During my course, we often explored current issues in the automotive sector and thereby gained a good insight into professional life. We had to develop our persistence, determination and team work over the semesters so as to master all of the challenges.

I am

…organised, hard-working and pay attention to details.

About my job:

My aim has always been to have a career where I can do what I enjoy most. In my case, exclusive vehicles (racing cars, not everyday brands) have always attracted me to German brands and to Porsche. I believe you can achieve anything if you have willpower and passion, set precise goals and make plans to achieve them.

I graduated from

Automotive Engineering, Master’s degree, FH JOANNEUM Graz.

I continued my studies because

The Automotive Engineering course is unique in Austria and provides much more vehicle-specific expertise than a general course in mechanical engineering. The Master’s course is the ideal complement to the Bachelor’s and offers a good overall package in vehicle construction for qualified engineers.