Anja Elena Tuscher

My internship at the Children’s Clinic at the Graz University Hospital


Job description: Healthcare and nursing staff
Company: Graz University Hospital
Location: Children’s Clinic, Neonatology / Cardiology
I did my internship in August 2017.

What I did:

My internship gave me insight into the work of a qualified healthcare and nursing assistant in the children’s ward. The working day began with an in-depth shift handover. After this, the medications, vials and breakfast trays were handed out. The older patients were then helped with getting washed and the premature babies were washed or bathed, weighed, dressed and fed. Once the children were back in their beds, the room had to be disinfected, the cabinets replenished and the laundry prepared for the next day.

I accompanied the children to examinations (ultrasound, sonography etc.) and joined and supported the qualified healthcare and nursing professionals and care assistants in their work.

Why I enjoyed my internship:

The best thing of all for me was to work with the children on the ward. Bathing, weighing and feeding them every day and observing their progress was wonderful. Collaborating with the entire Neonatology / Cardiology team was also great fun. It’s lovely when you can look forward to every single day at work.

What I learned:

I was taught in detail how to handle the premature babies using kinaesthetic techniques. I learned how to deal with children properly, how to feed and hold them correctly and how to speak to the parents of the children. I also learned a lot about the typical illnesses and medications of Neonatology / Cardiology patients. I found that it is very important to take enough time for the patients and to provide them with individual care.

My greatest experience:

My greatest experience was the first time I held a baby in my arms. I had tears in my eyes with the emotion. It was simply the best feeling. But in general, I enjoyed every single day on the ward and every day brought its own little highlight.

What I want to do in the future:

This internship has showed me what I want to do later. It has made it clear to me that I have chosen the right training path. Although I am still right at the start of my training, I know now where I want to work later. I am already looking forward to my future career. But I am also excited about the other internships and hope to learn a lot more.