bits and ohm (exhibition)

won’t break my bone and design will never hurt me

Usually, mediadesign has the reputation of taking place only on the quiet. On the one hand, the exhibition "bits and ohm" represented a retrospection of the past three semesters of the master programme "Media and Interaction Design (MID)" at the University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum Graz and on the other hand, it successfully demonstrated that results are well presentable to the public.

From 17th to 22nd January 2011, various aspects of students' portfolios were presented in the gallery "ESC im Labor", ranging from a cinema where only the theatre style was historical as the content could be selected by the audience via chips, interactive presents for art itself (the opening of the exhibition was dedicated to celebrating "art's birthday"), such as crosslinked reactive audio-video installations containing surprise effects, up to self-explanatory cooperative computer games with haptic interfaces and even sporty aspects.

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bits and ohm

bits and ohm