CEEPUS-exchange at the Institute Radiography

CEEPUS-exchange at the Institute of „Radiography

At the beginning of January, four students from Albania travelled to Austria to take advantage of the opportunity for an international exchange at FH JOANNEUM at the institute Radiography.

The four students practiced an internship at the University hospital at Graz in the disciplines pediatric radiology and computertomography. In addition to the internship, they also had the opportunity to discover the city and the Austrian culture. Their aim was additionally to improve their English language skills.

Four statements of our albanian students in relation to their experiences of their exchange- internship:

Eljada: This is my first experience in Graz, I am very satisfied.

Ergers: This internship is beautiful, I am learning to use many devices, methods and interpreting images.

Klaudia: Here in Graz professors and doctors are so correct, ready to explain and help us in our internship.

Serena: We will share our experience with our teachers and friends in Albania. We have so much to tell them about the skills and lessons we learned here in Graz.

We are very glad, that these four students were part of our international exchange at FH JOANNEUM Graz and we wish you the best for the future!

Thanks to all persons, who were involved in this exchange and made it possible.


CEEPUS is a mobility programme that supports students and lecturers in Central and Eastern Europe. The aim of the scholarship programme is to strengthen academic cooperation. If you are interessted in an CEEPUS-exchange, you can contact our International Office.