Marlies Fuchs

My semester at Glasgow Caledonian University


Before I began my semester abroad in Glasgow in January 2015, I perceived Scotland to be a rainy country where people drink too much beer and whisky and tossing around logs, dressed in kilts. But I was very pleasantly surprised: the picture postcard landscapes and friendly and helpful locals really impressed me, despite the rain. My host university, Glasgow Caledonian University, offered some interesting classes and looked after all its exchange students, organising numerous events to enable us to get to know the country and meet other students from all over the world. During my 4 months in Scotland, there were lots of trips to picturesque lochs (they are never called lakes!) including castle ruins in the Highlands and city visits. And you have to go looking for the Loch Ness Monster at least once (the number one thing to do when you have friends from home visiting!) and get a local to teach you how to drink whisky properly. My personal highlight was a weekend break on the Isle of Skye. I and the other ‘internationals’ explored what is probably the most beautiful of the approx. 800 islands in fog, wind, rain and sunshine (four seasons in one day!) And in the evening, we attended the stag party of a team from the Royal Navy. Looking back, I can honestly say that a stay abroad makes you better and more open as a person and you return enriched with experiences and new friends from across the world!