Kerstin Kaufmann

My internship at Hannah’s Plan


Key data

Job description: Assistant in Event Management
Company: Hannah’s Plan
Place: Vienna, Austria
I did my internship from July to September 2015.
My contact

What I did

  • Project management
  • Assistance in event planning
  • Information acquisition/research
  • Organising catering and events
  • Customer support
  • Front office

Why I enjoyed my internship

The good and creative working environment with lots of fun, but hard work, too. And the trust which my boss placed in me, giving me responsibility for certain things. I was able to meet lots of interesting people and give them the time of their lives. That’s why I really enjoyed working for this company.

What I learned

I learned so much during my internship that I barely know where to begin! But perhaps the most important thing of all: I learned to improvise. As an Event Manager, gaffer tape is your best friend! This sentence can be applied to so many situations where you have to find a creative solution to a problem at the very last minute or under stress.

My biggest success/My greatest experience

The highlights were the events themselves. I won’t forget any of them. They each had their own charm, challenges and moments of happiness. It’s a great feeling to see your guests enjoying the evening and to hear the organiser say with a smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes how happy he is to have booked us and how great we all were. Making people happy is the best thing there is. Doing that was definitely my highlight.

How I secured the internship

I discovered the website by chance on the internet, even though I wasn’t actually looking for an internship. I filled in the most well thought out, amusing and creative application of my life, was invited for an interview – and that was that!

What I want to do in the future

If my career doesn’t take me abroad in the future, I would love to continue working for this creative, open and friendly team who do not mince their words and make anything possible. But I can’t make any fixed commitments yet. In any case, I had a fantastic albeit challenging time and gathered lots of experience, something I would not have wanted to miss. Who knows what the future will bring…