Most Dynamic Future Markets – Outperforming Emerging Markets 2020-2030

Ein Seminar der International Management Toolbox


What happens next? What are the strengths of 71 Emerging Markets today and what are the main challenges for the immediate future? To address this question, we compiled 13 indicators of economic performance and potential that highly correlate to per capita GDP growth for each of the countries. These indicators track performance across key drivers of productivity, income, and demand that are core to a pro-growth agenda.


Dieses Seminar der International Management Toolbox findet in englischer Sprache statt.

Learning goals of the workshop (Lernziele des Workshops)

We focus on two intertwined aspects that strike us as essential but underrepresented in the literature on development economics: government actions that encourage higher productivity, income, and demand, and the role played by large, ambitious, and globally competitive companies. We aim to provide policy makers, corporate leaders, and global investors with a new understanding of the growth opportunities ahead and the characteristics of successful emerging market champions.

Target group(s) of the workshop (Zielgruppe(n) des Workshops)

Internationalization departments of companies

Required prior knowledge (Erforderliches Vorwissen)
  • Ability to describe opportunities and challenges of doing business in emerging markets
  • Ability to assess potential of emerging markets for market entry
  • Ability to differentiate between types of market entry and define the adequate strategy
Didactic concept (Didaktisches Konzept, Fokus online)

This workshop is an analysis of the long-term economic growth patterns of emerging economies. It does not explore broader characteristics of economies, such as political processes, types of government, or the functioning of civil society.

This workshop is based on a combination of instructor-led lectures, as well as in-group discussions. It could be entirely delivered on-line.