Needs Analysis – Your key to EU funding

Ein Seminar der International Management Toolbox


Don’t give people what they want, give them what they need.

Joss Whedon

Dieses Seminar der International Management Toolbox findet in englischer Sprache statt.

Writing a successful EU project proposal means selling your idea to various stakeholders: Your beneficiaries, your partners, the funding body – but first of all, the evaluators which decide about the fortune of your project. Unfortunately, the needs analysis is often strongly underestimated, but one of the most critical parts of a grant proposal.

Therefore, this workshop supports you to identify the needs that your project idea addresses, better understand the gap you contribute to and successfully link your solution to European objectives. You will receive tools and hints how to improve your needs analysis and have the opportunity to evaluate examples yourself.

Learning goals of the workshop (Lernziele des Workshops)

In this workshop, you learn how to …

  • gather data to establish a basis for a strong needs analysis,
  • review the data to better understand the problem,
  • determine needs based upon the data,
  • and turn these insights into a convincing needs assessment.
Target group(s) of the workshop (Zielgruppe(n) des Workshops)

Everyone with interest in European funding opportunities and/or with a potential European project idea.

Required prior knowledge (Erforderliches Vorwissen)

Basic knowledge about the European Union. Basic English speaking skills (B1).

Didactic concept (Didaktisches Konzept, Fokus online)

Online workshop. Input session to the topic, showcasing methods, good practice and hints, evaluating examples (you can bring your own needs analysis draft as well).