Thinking Outside the Box

Ein Seminar der International Management Toolbox


The workshop aims to demystify assumptions around creativity and present it as a tool to solve problems and innovate. The hands on approach will be given by putting into practice Ideation techniques, such as the definition of How-Might-We statements and application of Analogy and Opposite Thinking to exercise the creativity for problem solving and innovation.


Dieses Seminar der International Management Toolbox findet in englischer Sprache statt.

Learning goals of the workshop (Lernziele des Workshops)
  • After the workshop, participants will be able to experiment the creativity process foster creativity thinking in their projects, business idea and life.
  • Exercise the creative thinking techniques: How-Might-We, Analogy Thinking and Opposite Thinking.
Target group(s) of the workshop (Zielgruppe(n) des Workshops)

Employees of SMEs/corporations of all levels / job titles

Required prior knowledge (Erforderliches Vorwissen)

No specific prior knowledge expected. Just “be open to it”. (probably an “assessment questionnaire” to be filled out by the participants at least 1 week before the workshop / or a prior reading that will be sent)

Didactic concept (Didaktisches Konzept, Fokus online)

Online Workshop

  • 30 min inputs from trainer
  • 35 min hands on work with tools (breakout sessions/small groups)
  • 25 min exchange of results / plenary discussion