Cooperation with Solgenium

Edith Hörtnagel and Daniel Reichenpfader are actively working at Solgenium on the digitalization and improvement of the Austrian healthcare system.


Edith Hörtnagel (23) and Daniel Reichenpfader (23), graduates of the Bachelor's degree program "Health Informatics / eHealth" at FH JOANNEUM, work as "Pioneers of the New Healthcare", in line with the motto of their employer Solgenium. In an interview, the two talk about their current activities as well as useful study content that is now helping them in their professional lives.

Tell us about your employer!

Solgenium's focus is on data management for healthcare, development of data-driven services and products, and various research activities. Currently, we are both involved in the development of the CARA cloud platform:

CARA is a control tool for workforce, resource and process management for all types of healthcare facilities. At the end of 2021, CARA was named an award winner in the category "Innovations for Health Care Management" by the IPM Service Center together with the BMK and BMDW: From 80 submissions, a jury of experts selected those top innovations that, in their view, have the most exciting potential to support in the health and care sector.

What are your areas of activity?

Even during our internships, we were always working on current projects. Among other things, we helped with the development of the CARA tool. In this project, we created various components using the Angular framework. We also programmed a mobile app that is used for data collection in medical studies. After our internships, we got the opportunity to continue working at Solgenium and also write our bachelor theses there. Currently, we are both working as part of the front-end team at CARA and are very proud to be contributing to the improvement of healthcare in a meaningful way through this.

From which study contents can you benefit the most in your professional life?

In the Bachelor's program "Health Informatics/eHealth", the technical courses and exercises were especially helpful. In the "Software Development" course, we dealt with the Java programming language. The knowledge we gained about the basics of programming could easily be transferred to other programming languages, such as JavaScript, which we now use daily in our work at Solgenium.

Furthermore, the units on HTML, CSS, and PHP in the third semester were helpful to now work on UI components with the Angular framework. Equally useful is the knowledge acquired from the course "Mobile Development". From the courses on management topics and healthcare, we were able to take away a good overview of the characteristics, stakeholders, and processes of the Austrian healthcare system. This knowledge helps us to better understand Solgenium's mission and vision.