Information Management

SW-Engineering - Mobile and Location Based Computing

Seminar, 5.00 ECTS


Course content

The course deals with the use of mobile devices as runtime environment for computer programs ("apps") as well as with the use of 3D technologies in mobile and desktop applications. It shows how different technologies (such as client-server communication, game engines, etc.) can be used. The students learn how platform-independent multimedia applications can be created and tested. Various mobile technologies (such as smartphones, Vuforia, Vumarks, etc.) are discussed with their possibilities and limitations.

Learning outcomes

Students can assess the potential of mobile devices as an interface to information systems and identify specific scenarios in which the use of these devices represents an added value. They are able to design, define and implement suitable user interfaces for mobile applications, AR, VR and 3D applications. They know the limitations, dangers and opportunities of mobile applications and devices.

Recommended or required reading and other learning resources / tools

Kompendium E-Learning, Niegemann, Helmut M., Berlin, Springer 2004

Software engineering, Sommerville, Ian, Boston, Mass. Pearson 2011

E-Learning: Warum nicht? : eine kritische Auseinandersetzung mit Methoden und Werkzeugen : Tagungsband zum 15. E-Learning Tag der FH Joanneum

Unity virtual reality projects, Linowes, JonathanBirmingham : Packt Publishing 2015

Mode of delivery

Lecture, elearning courses, independent development of content, creation of an online course by each student, presentation and lab-session by the students

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Programming with Javascript, python and c#

Basics in Unity3D

Assessment methods and criteria

Evaluation of the online courses and the course units planned and carried out by the students, continuous assessment